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About me

My name is Pierre-Olivier Parisé. I am a temporary assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I also received a 2-years long postdoctoral research scholarship (B3X) from the FRQNT to work alongside Malik Younsi, a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Photo de moi
Trois-Lacs, QC, Canada
Photo Credits : Jeff Gagnon

I recently got my Ph. D. from Laval University (QC, Ca) under the supervision of Thomas J. Ransford. My research during this time was funded by the Alexander-Graham Bell Graduate scholarship from NSERC the first 3 years and, for my last year, I was supported by a graduate scholarship from FRQNT. My thesis focused on applications of summability methods to the convergence of the Taylor series in various spaces of holomorphic functions.

I also got my Masters' degree in 2017 from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. My supervisor was Dominic Rochon. I have worked on multicomplex dynamical systems and studied the Mandelbrot sets in the setting of the multicomplex numbers.


Email: parisepo@hawaii.edu.
Office: Physical Science Building 302 (PSB 302).

Research interests

My main research interests are in the field of complex analysis, including topics in geometric function theory, operator theory and spaces of holomorphic functions, and in holomorphic dynamics and its generalizations to higher dimensions. The recent results of my research analyze connections between summability theory and Banach spaces of holomorphic functions in the unit disk.


I have seven years of experience and training in teachin. I am convinced that an engaged student will learn and retain the material of a class more efficiently. During the pandemic crisis I realized that this believe had become even more important in my teaching style, and that it was also one of my responsibilities to create an environment in which students want to be involved.