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You will find below the homework assignments solutions. Read carefully the instructions below to format and to send your homework.


Please follow these instructions to format and to upload your homework.


Follow these rules to format your homework:

Here is a valid example:
Question 1: a)
Question 2: b)
Question 3: d)
Question 4: e)
Question 5: b)

If you submit a homework that meets the above template, then you will receive a bonus of 5% for this homework.

The first homework is an exception to the above rules. You will have to submit the three PDFs on Laulima. See the instructions below to submit your PDFs.

Upload on Laulima

Follow these instructions to upload the first homework on Laulima.

Below are examples of a correct file's name and an incorrect file's name:


Here are some ressources that you can use to complete your homework: