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Welcome to the MATH-241 Calculus 1 course website. You will find many useful information about the course and most importantly, you will find a google calendar in the section Schedule (see menu), directions for the homework and a table with the solutions to each homework assignment (see menu).

The lectures are on Tuesdays and Thurdays 9:00--10:15am in Keller 302.


Teaching assistant (TA)

Learning Assistant (LA)


Here is the syllabus for detailed on the politics and exams.

You may also check out the department syllabus for this course to see an approximate timetable. This syllabus does not replace, in any circumstances, the main syllabus.

Study guide

Here is a study guide.


Here are some ressources that you can use to complete your worksheet and homework:

Midterm 1 Examples
Semester Exam copy Exam Solutions
Fall 2022
Spring 2022
Spring 2023

Midterm 2 Examples
Semester Exam copy Exam Solutions
Fall 2022
Fall 2021
Spring 2023



The lectures are in Keller Hall, Keller 302.


The recitation will be in Keller Hall:

Check out the google map below for the location of the Keller Hall on the UH (Manoa) campus.